SIL Finance Ushers In The New Era of DeFi

Jean-Pierre Buntinx
3 min readJan 16, 2021

Sister In Law, ticker name “SIL” is a decentralized passive investment platform based on smart contracts, focusing on providing users with DeFi financial services. SIL provides dual currency liquidity for token Swaps, automatic LP matching, and automatic compound interest. According to factors such as ARR (Annualized Rate of Return), coefficient, financial management cycle, etc., it automatically selects and configures products that are most in line with the interests of users, allowing complex liquidity mining become a joint construction of currency participants, and the management of the platform is entrusted to all SIL holders.

What are the flaws of YFI (YEARN)?

Based on observations, Yearn may have the following problems:

  1. Single currency mining is not sustainable for Swap
  2. No real liquidity provided
  3. CRV does not have so many stablecoin swap needs if it was not for DeFi

SIL Product features:

  • Dual currency SIL Vault
  • Each user only needs to stake currency to join LP pool. Currently dual currency APY is generally higher than single currency mining.
  • SIL will bring real liquidity to partnered Swaps. Not a simple matryoshka doll mechanism.
  • There is no need to exchange for another coin for mining, each party of the paired LP bears one coin’s impermanent loss for free, but obtains high annualized earnings.
  • Compound interest model
  • Deposit token into SIL and it will be paired into LP, stake LP to mining contract CLAIM earnings
  • CLAIM earnings are exchanged for 2 coins to form a new LP and re-stake. And the newly added LP will be distributed to the current LP pool users according to the share.
  • Token automatic matching LP
  • When the user adds the token to SIL, it will be automatically paired to LP for mining. At the same time, the user holds half of the LP’s equity (that is, the LP gains after the burn, the corresponding token gains), and can choose to withdraw the token from the LP at any time.
  • The matching mechanism is a three-tier model to ensure that the first entrant has a superior…
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